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Let's get you on your way.

Here are some things to think about before you visit your Lexus dealer.

Shopping for a new Lexus can be very exciting, but it's also important to prepare a little in advance to help ensure a smooth experience.

Before heading to the dealer

  • Check out our rebate & finance programs to get you into the right Toyota with the right deal.
  • Think about whether you'd like to buy or lease.
  • Find the best way to protect your new investment with our Vehicle Protection plans.
  • Go to to explore our awesome lineup of Toyota vehicles 

What to expect at the dealer

  • Find a great selection of Lexus vehicles to choose from.
  • Choose the model, color, trim, and any accessories you'd like while working with your dealer.
  • Decide on the final terms and conditions of your deal, whether financing or leasing, with the Finance Manager.
  • Remember to consider purchasing Vehicle Protection plans, and make sure your dealer knows what you need.
  • Complete your finance or lease contract and get your keys.
  • Enjoy your new Lexus!

Contact your local dealer to learn about offers in your area.

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