We're here to make lease-end simple. 

     That's why we created a handy list that includes everything you'll need to know.

  • Examine possible excessive wear and use on your vehicle and make any necessary repairs.
  • Your originating Dealer is required to accept your return vehicle however we recommend contacting your local Lexus dealer to schedule a turn-in appointment for your vehicle.
  • Ensure all contracted payments and miscellaneous fees are paid to LFS.
  • Schedule your complimentary inspection appointment 15 to 60 days before your maturity date. To schedule an inspection1 call AutoVIN at (855) 90-MY-LFS
  • Let LFS know if you completed repairs after your inspection, we'll order another once you return.
  • Call your local DMV to find out if your state requires license plates to be returned at lease-end

1 Available only to Lexus Financial Services lease customers that do not reside in Alaska or Hawaii and whose leases did not originate in New Hampshire or Wisconsin.

Bring the following to your inspection and lease-return appointments:

  • Toolkit and spare tire, if applicable.
  • All set of keys (master/remote/valet), if applicable
  • Owner's Manuals
  • Any original quipment on your vehicle at lease inspection (radio, headrests, 3rd row seat, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.)
  • Ask the dealer to record the mileage, and don’t forget to sign the Odometer Disclosure Statement and ask for a copy
  • Confirm the Dealership will accept the return. Only your originating Dealer is required to accept your lease return.
  • Sign an odometer statement and ask for a copy for your records. Capture the name of Dealer associate that helped with the return.
  • If you did not complete an inspection prior to returning, one will be completed within a few days of your return.
Authorized Lexus Dealer Returns:
  • LFS will send you a Lease End Invoice if you have any unpaid payments, late fees and miscellaneous charges.1

    The invoice will also include Excessive Wear and Use charges, Excessive Mileage charges, and Disposition Fee if applicable. These items may be taxable.

  • 1 Under certain circumstances, Lexus Financial Services does not charge its lease customers for excess wear and use damage.

  • As an appreciation of your Loyalty with LFS, we will waive the Disposition Fee (up to $350) if you:

    Replace with a New or Certified Toyota or Lexus financed or leased through a participating Toyota or Lexus dealer and TFS or LFS within 30 days before or after return.2 Or have had three or more Toyota Financial Services or Lexus Financial Services accounts.2
  • 2 Delays in termination, often as a result of delayed grounding or early return with remaining payments still due, may prevent TFS/LFS from applying the waiver prior to billing. Due to statutory requirements, customers who originated in NJ may receive a bill for a disposition fee prior to the application of the waiver. Disposition fee may be waived in other circumstances.

  • If you had a Security deposit, it will be returned to your home address via check. It will be used to first pay any Lease End Invoice charges, if applicable.
  • If you make automatic payments through Lexus Financial Services, cancel any electronic payments here.

Unauthorized Third-Party Dealer Returns:

  • If you do not purchase the leased vehicle, it must be returned to an authorized Lexus dealer on or before the lease maturity date.
  • If an unauthorized third-party dealer is purchasing the vehicle or agrees to return it to us on your behalf, you remain responsible for the vehicle and your obligations under the lease agreement, until we receive the payoff funds or the vehicle and any required documentation to process the transaction.