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Do you use personal financial services such as to aggregate your Lexus Financial Services (LFS) account?

As a valued Lexus Financial Services (LFS) customer, your privacy and security of your personal information is important us.  As you are aware we have strengthened the security controls around customer authentication to include multi factor authentication.  You may find it difficult or unable to log in if you use personal financial service providers such as to aggregate your financial information.  Some of these personal financial service providers have not changed their procedures to account for LFS security improvements.  This has resulted in account lock outs due to multiple log in attempts made on your behalf by the personal finance service providers.   If you wish to allow such sites to access your LFS account, please reset or refresh your login information directly with your personal financial services site.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Rest assured you can always access your account directly through or our myLFS mobile app

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