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Normal wear and use to a vehicle is to be expected. However, damages exceeding normal wear and use may result in charges at the end of your lease. 

To help you evaluate the condition of your vehicle, review our general Wear and Use Guidelines below for examples of what is considered excessive. The examples provided are for your convenience and may not include all instances of excessive damage that may subject you to additional charges. 

1 Under certain circumstances, Lexus Financial Services does not charge its lease customers for excess wear and use damage. All charges may be subject to sales tax.

2 This is intended as general guidance only. State law and the terms of your lease may vary your rights and obligations regarding excess wear and use. Please refer to your lease agreement for a description of your rights and obligations upon termination of your lease. Lexus Financial Services may change its wear and use standards at any time consistent with the terms of your lease agreement.


Here are some examples of excessive wear and use on the interiors of vehicles.

1. Tear

2. Burn

3. Missing Accessory

4. Broken Equipment

1-2: Seat and Trim

•  A single cut, tear, burn or stain greater than the size of a credit card


3-4: Equipment, Parts and Accessories

•  Missing keys/remotes

•  Missing parts or accessories (shifter knob, headrests, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.)

•  Inoperative, malfunctioning or broken parts or equipment

•  Any modifications not on the vehicle at lease inception


Here are some examples of excessive wear and use on the exteriors of vehicles.

5-6: Tires, Wheels and Wheel Covers

•  Tires with exposed cords or sidewall damage

•  Tires or wheels that do not meet manufacturer's guidelines for safe operation

•  Missing or damaged wheel covers

•  Wheel gouges greater than 1"


7-8: Glass and Lights

•  Windshield cracks, stars or bull's-eyes

•  Damaged, broken or non-factory tinted glass

•  Bent, broken or missing lights, turn signals, mirrors or lamps


9-12: Paint and Body

•  A consolidation of severe scratches in which the paint has been removed and the underlying panel is exposed

•  A single dent greater than the size of a credit card

•  Previous repairs performed poorly or unrepaired collision damage

5 Exposed Tire Cord

9. Scratched Panel

6. Damaged Alloy Wheel

10. Scratched Bumper

7. Damaged Windshield

11. Chipped Paint

8. Broken Light

12. Dented Bumper

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